The function of light seems to be self-evident. You turn on the light and it gets light!

But, it is not that simple. Light is more. Light is information, because what the customer cannot see, he cannot buy. But light can move far more than commodity into the field of vision.

With light, something great can happen.

The clever play with the lighting helps to increase the sales at the POS.

Light creates atmosphere, invites you to linger and suggests a desire to buy.

We put your shop in the right light!

Light may be more than on and off.

Stefan Haase

PFL Partner für Licht

Together with the company PFL Partner for Light, we develop lighting concepts for your project.

This is done by individual light fixture selection, suitable for your project.

In order to place your goods in the right spotlight, we not only develop a lighting concept but also a staging concept.

Due to the right atmosphere created with light, the customer will positviely remember you. In addition to our many years of experience, we also rely on a strong network to help you realize your needs so that you are not left in the dark.

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